What is a Financial Month Group?

A Financial Month Group is a concept that allows for creating custom contiguous ranges of Financial Months for reporting purposes.  iSite exposes standard Financial Month Groups such as Contract Year, Contractor Fiscal Year and Agency Fiscal Year.  However, iSite also allows for the creation of custom Financial Month Groups as needed.

Examples of Financial Month Groups

  • "Award Fee Period"
  • "Phase In"

How do I manage Financial Month Groups?

Financial Month Groups are handled as properties of Financial Months.  To manage Financial Months in iSite, review the Financial Months topic in the Help for Administrators > Datawarehouse > Table Management and Utilities section.

When managing Financial Month Groups, iSite allows for up to five Financial Month groups to be created.  You specify the meaning of each Financial Month Group in the Help for Administrators > Settings > Table Datawarehouse section.

For example, let's say in the Datawarehouse settings, you specify Financial Month Group 1 to be "Award Fee Period".  In the Financial Months maintenance area, you would set the value for "Financial Month Group 1" to be a value that represents the Award Fee Period that Financial Month belongs to.

Example Financial Month Group

  • Financial Months 201301 through 201306 - Financial Month Group 1 = "01"
  • Financial Months 201307 through 201312 - Financial Month Group 1 = "02"
  • Financial Months 201401 through 201406 - Financial Month Group 1 = "03"
  • Financial Months 201407 through 201412 - Financial Month Group 1 = "04"

How iSite Uses Financial Month Groups

iSite uses Financial Month Groups to represent costs, plan or Estimate information for specified period of time, which is consistent with contract accounting and financial reporting requirements.  However, by design, costs, plan and Estimate information are stored at the Financial Month level.

Where are Financial Month Groups used?

Financial Month Groups is used within the following iSite Modules:

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