What are Permissions?

Permissions are a basic authorization to perform a function within iSite.  Most pages and functions within iSite are secured by Permissions.  This means that if your User profile does not possess a Permission that a page requires, you will not have access to that page.

How are Permissions Assigned?

Permissions are not assigned directly to users.  Instead, Permissions are assigned to Security Groups and then Users are assigned to one or more Security Groups.  This allows administrators to easily manage access to functionality within iSite without having to touch each User account.

What happens if I don't have Permission to a Page?

If a User attempts to reach a page in which their User Profile is not granted permission, they will be redirected to an "Unauthorized Access" page which will inform the user of their lack of permissions to access the page.

At that point, the User can contact a Portal Administrator and request the appropriate Permissions to be able to access the page.

To view a list of all Permissions and a short description of each, see the Permissions Guide.

Throughout this document, permissions will be linked to the Permissions Guide in order to easily show what each permission affects in iSite.

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