iSite acts as the link that connects your contract accounting system and processes to your government contract users.  iSite is the "middle man" that brings robust functionality to your task managers, contract performers and government customer via a flexible web-based portal.

Contractor Accounting System

The accounting system used by the contractor is shielded from the every day user, which results in significant savings on licensing fees for the accounting software, yet still provides relevant accounting-related data to the users that need it.  iSite provides standard input formats for accounting-related data so that any accounting system of record can be used to interface with iSite.  Snapshots of accounting data are sent to the iSite Datawarehouse at regular intervals.  This data is then repackaged and repurposed for consumption by iSite users.  The iSite Datawarehouse is optimized for reporting and is configured to provide fast, efficient access to data by your user community.

Contractor Utilities

Additional external systems and utilities can also feed data into iSite for use within the software.  Conversely, data from iSite can be fed back into these systems as required.  Additionally, programmatic access to iSite data can be achieved via custom file downloads or web service APIs.

Government Systems

In order to achieve efficiencies in data mining, data from iSite can also be fed into government systems on an as-needed basis.  Take, for example, the case of monthly accounting totals having to be hand entered into a government system.  This process can be automated via file transfer, saving countless hours of work and eliminating any chance of data anomalies caused by human error.

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