Import Header Commands allow you to control how data is handled once the data has been imported.  For instance, you may choose to overwrite all records in a table rather than append.  Or, you may decide to replace a series of records with the data imported.  These functions can be accomplished by adding Header Commands to the Import File.

An Import Header Command consists of one line at the beginning of your file that instructs the iSite File Processor what to do with the file.  This line will precede the Header Column Names that are required for each File Import.

You may include multiple Header Commands (in certain instances) by separating the commands with a semi-colon (;).

Sample Header Command Line Formats

  • options:overwrite=true
  • options:append=true
  • options:replacebykey=TaskCode,SubTaskCode
  • options:removebykey=SourceTransactionID
  • options:financialmonthmapping=TransactionDate
  • options:financialmonthmapping=FinancialMonthCode;financialmonthmapping=Custom1

Available Header Commands * 

* Not all Header Commands are available for all Import Types.  Refer to the specific Data Import File Specification to see what Header Commands are available.

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