Managing Labor Resources within an iSite Estimate is handled at the Labor Category level within the Estimate Display.  By clicking on the hyperlinked Labor Category Title (accompanied by a Labor Resources icon ), you will put the Estimate into Labor Resource Management mode for that specific Labor Category.

The Labor Resource Management Screen

The Labor Resource Management screen is made up of the following elements:

  • Labor Category Name Display
    • The Labor Category Name Display shows the selected Labor Category that you will be assigned Labor Resources to.  
    • This is displayed above the Labor Resource Management Toolbar.
  • Labor Resource Management Toolbar
    • The Labor Resource Management Toolbar displays all of the available functions for Labor Resource Management.  
    • Some buttons may be disabled or missing based on Estimate Status and configuration of the Labor Category.  
      • For instance, an Estimate Template designer may mark a Labor Category as such so that only Employees can be added to it.
  • Assigned Labor Resources List
    • This represents all of the Labor Resources assigned to the Labor Category

A sample Labor Resource Management screen.  

When Is Labor Resource Management Available?

Resource Management is not available in all views or statuses for an Estimate.  Some views disable Labor Resource Management, such as Component Summary Views, Labor Class Groupings, etc.  Labor Resource Management is unavailable in the following scenarios:

Adding Labor Resources

To add Labor Resources to an Estimate, click one of the available Labor Resource buttons on the Labor Resource Management Toolbar.  The available buttons are:

Deleting Labor Resources

Deleting a Labor Resource is a permanent change and cannot be reversed.  Proceed with caution.

  1. In the Assigned Labor Resources List, click the check box next to each Labor Resource that you want to delete from the Estimate.
  2. Click the Delete Selected Resources... button in the toolbar.
  3. In the confirmation message pop-up, click the OK button to permanently delete the selected records or click the Cancel button to abort the deletion process.

Returning to the Estimate Display

Simply click the Back to Estimate Display button on the Labor Resource Management Toolbar.

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