When importing data into iSite, attention must be paid to the order in which files are imported.  In most cases, you can send files in any order that you wish.  However, in the cases where an iSite Table relies on data existing in a related iSite Table, it is important to ensure that the related iSite Tables are populated with data first.

Related Tables

When importing data into iSite, certain tables require that values are already present in other tables.  

For instance, when importing Actuals, there must be related records in the following Tables before Actuals records can be imported:

  • Tasks
  • Sub Tasks
  • Accounts
  • Financial Months
  • Employees
  • Labor Classes
  • Labor Subclasses
  • Vendors

Thus, there is a recommended order in which to upload files into iSite to avoid upload validation failures for missing related records.

Recommended Import Order for iSite Tables

* Tables are only needed if using the iSite Estimating Module

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