If a User has forgotten their iSite Password, it is important to note that passwords cannot be retrieved.  For security reasons, iSite passwords are stored using one-way encryption algorithms, thus, they cannot be retrieved.  Users who have forgotten their iSite Password must initiate a Password Reset.

How to Reset a Lost Password

  1. On the iSite Logon Page, click the Reset Password link in the Global Navigation bar or the Sidebar.
  2. On the Reset Password Request page, enter your iSite Logon ID (in email address form).
  3. Click the Send Reset Request E-Mail button.
  4. An email will be sent to your email address as entered above (assuming that the email address maps to a valid User Account in iSite).  This email will contain a link to reset your password.  Click the link in the email or copy/paste the link into your web browser.
  5. On the Reset Password Page, enter a new iSite Password in the New Password textbox.  Guidelines for your new password will be displayed.
  6. Repeat the new Password in the Repeat Password textbox.
  7. Click the Change Password button to complete the Password Reset process.
  8. The User will be required to login with their new credentials.  See Logging in to iSite.

The Reset Password Request Page

The Reset Password Page