What is a Task Group?

A Task Group is a function that allows for the grouping of contract Tasks together for reporting purposes.  There may be instances where you want to see data across multiple Tasks combined into one dataset.  In those instances, the creation of a Task Group would satisfy those reporting requirements.

For instance, let's say you have Tasks on your contract that utilized a special pool of Funding.  Because of that, you need to be able to view aggregated Financials information about those Tasks.  To accomplish this, you would create a Task Group that includes all of the desired Tasks, then perform your reporting based on that Task Group.

How is a Task Group Defined?

A Task Group is simply defined by a name and description, as well as a list of Tasks.  

How do I create a Task Group?

To create a Task Group in iSite, review the Task Groups topic in the Help for Administrators > Datawarehouse > Table Management and Utilities section.

Where are Task Groups used?

Task Groups are used within the following iSite Modules:

  • Financials
    • Cost Analysis
    • Planning Analysis
    • Labor Analysis
    • Custom Reports
  • Agency Reporting
    • NASA
      • NASA Form 533M
      • NASA Form 533Q
    • Custom Reports

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