What is a Query Group?

A Query Group is a function that allows for the grouping of Virtual Accounts to represent a specific total.  Because accounting and planned data can be restated to accomplish reporting goals, it is not accurate to simply "add it all up" to derive a total.  That's where the Query Group comes in.

For instance, if you wanted to be able to display a report that showed total contract value by Task, you could create a Query Group that specifies which Virtual Accounts to include in the calculation.  This eliminates the problem of including restated data in the total, which would effectively inflate your totals.

How is a Query Group Defined?

A Query Group is simply defined by a name and description, as well as a list of Virtual Accounts.

How do I create a Query Group?

To create a Query Group in iSite, review the Query Groups topic in the Help for Administrators > Datawarehouse > Table Management and Utilities section.

Default Query Group

For contracts that utilize the Financials module, a Query Group must be defined that represents the Task Cost Total.  Before using the Financials module, this Query Group definition is required.

Where are Query Groups used?

Query Groups are used within the following iSite Modules:

  • Financials
    • Cost Analysis
    • Planning Analysis
    • Labor Analysis
    • Custom Reports
  • Agency Reporting
    • NASA
      • NASA Form 533M
      • NASA Form 533Q
      • Contractor Estimate Report
    • Custom Reports

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