What is a Timesheet Period?

The Timesheet Period marks a consecutive series of days in which Time Activities are to be recorded.  Typically, Timesheet Periods are 7 days in length, however, this is not a requirement.  

In iSite, a Timesheet Period is denoted as a Start Date through an End Date.

How is a Timesheet Period Defined?

A Financial Month has a set of properties that are used throughout iSite to control functionality.  The following is a list of properties that are available for a Financial Month:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Period Hours - The number of business hours during the Timesheet Period.

How do I create a Timesheet Period?

To create a Timesheet Period in iSite, review the Timesheet Periods topic in the Help for Administrators > Admin > Settings > Timekeeping Module Settings section.

Where are Timesheet Periods used?

The Timesheet Period is used within the following iSite Modules:

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