The iSite Page is optimized for application usability.  The layout of the iSite Page is a fluid layout, which means that the contents of the page adjust to the size of the browser window and the size of the user's display.

A sample iSite Page (Portal Home Page)

iSite Page Sections

The following sections are visible on an iSite Page:

License Selector Bar

The License Selector Bar is a tool that allows you to quickly navigate between available iSite Licenses, if the User has access to more than one License.

The License Selector Bar dropdown to show additional options

View the License Selector Bar topic for more information.

Utility Bar

The Utility Bar is a tool that allows you quick access to profile, support and configuration options within iSite.  

The Utility Bar

View the Utility Bar topic for more information.

Global Navigation Bar

The Global Navigation Bar is located beneath the Page Banner and is used for navigation to various modules and functions within iSite.  To use the Global Navigation Bar, click on any of the links in the linkbar to navigate to that page.

The Global Navigation Bar (with all links visible)

See the Global Navigation Bar topic for more information.

Breadcrumb Navigation

The Breadcrumb Navigation panel is located beneath the Page Title and Description panel.  A "breadcrumb" is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the current location in the iSite application.  The term comes from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale in which the two title children drop breadcrumbs to form a trail back to their home.  Just like in the tale, breadcrumbs in iSite offer users a way to trace the path back to the iSite Home Page.

To use the Breadcrumb Navigation, click on any of the links in the Breadcrumb trail to navigate to that page.

Note:  The Breadcrumb Navigation panel is not displayed on the iSite Home Page.

The Breadcrumb Navigation Panel (not visible on the Home Page)

Page Content Panel

The Page Content Panel is located beneath the Breadcrumb Navigation panel and to the right of the Sidebar.  This area displays the main application content for each page.  This is where you will perform the vast majority of your work in iSite.

The Page Content Panel from the Home Page

Page Footer

The Page Footer panel is located beneath the Page Content Panel at the bottom of the page.  This panel displays basic application copyright and version information, as well as a link to the iSite, LLC. web site.  Additionally, links to the iSite Privacy Statement, Security Statement and Terms of Service are listed in this panel.

The Page Footer with optional SharePoint Navigation Link Display (for SharePoint implementations)

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