What is an Hour Type?

An Hour Type is a string-based category used for charging Time Activities for Jobs in the iSite Timekeeping module.  Hour Types are defined by Timekeeping Administrators and then assigned to Timekeeping Users based on need.  At least one Hour Type must be defined and assigned to Users before Time Activities can be recorded.

Some examples of Hour Types could be as follows:

  • Regular
  • Overtime
  • 2nd Shift
  • 3rd Shift
  • Double-Time

How are Hour Types used in iSite?

By using the Hour Type functionality in iSite Timekeeping, Timekeeping Administrators can distinguish different types of Time Activities for the purposes of paying an employee different pay rates or charging different bill rates to customers.

Where are Hour Types used?

Hour Types are used exclusively in the iSite Timekeeping module and are visible to Timekeeping Users on the User Timesheet.

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