The Report Permissions function on the Security tab of the Admin Page is available for Portal Administrators to override the default permissions that are in place for iSite Reports.  When overriding default permissions for a report, the Administrator can choose one or more Security Groups who are able to generate the desired report.


Only users with the Portal Administrator, FInancials Administrator or Task Performance Administrator permission will have access to this function.


Admin > Security > Report Permissions

The Report Tabs

The Report Permissions page will display two tabs to group reports

  • Standard Reports
    • Contains stock reports available to all iSite Licenses
  • Custom Reports *
    • Contains custom reports only available to the current iSite License

* The Custom Reports tab will only be displayed if Custom Reports have been created for your iSite License.

The Report Lists

On each Report Tab will be a list of Reports.  Each Report List will contain the following columns:

  • Report Name
  • Category
  • Audience
    • Will display Inherited if default Report Permissions are in place for the Report
    • Will display Secured by n Group(s) if Report Permissions have been overridden by an iSite Portal Administrator

How to Use This Page

  1. Navigate to Admin > Security > Report Permissions.
  2. In the Report Permissions List, click either the Standard Reports tab or the Custom Reports tab to view the desired reports to be modified.
  3. In the Reports list, select the Report whose Permissions you want to modify by clicking the Report Name.
  4. The Report to be modified will be displayed.  The following information will be available:
    1. Report Properties section
      1. Report Guid
        1. A unique value that identifies the Report
      2. Report Name
      3. Description
      4. Default Report Permissions
    2. Audience section
      1. Options for Report Audience
  5. In the Audience section of the page, select the appropriate option for Report Permissions:
    1. Inherit Default Report Permissions
      1. This will use keep the default Permissions for this report, which will be listed in the Report Properties section of the page.
    2. Only Users in the following Security Groups...
      1. Select one or more Security Groups that are able to generate the Report by clicking the check box next to the desired Security Groups.
  1. Click the Update Report Permissions button to continue, or click the Cancel button to cancel the process.

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