The Security Group Maintenance function on the Security tab of the Admin Page is available for Portal Administrators to manage iSite Security Groups.  Administrators can add new Security Groups, edit existing Security Groups and more.

To learn more about how Security Groups are used within iSite, visit the Security Groups topic.


Only users with the Portal Administrator or Manage Security Groups permission will have access to this function.


Admin > Security > Security Group Maintenance

Security Group Maintenance Functions

The following functions are available when performing User Maintenance

Properties of a Security Group

A Security Group has the following editable properties:

  • Security Group Name
  • Description
  • Assigned Permissions
  • Assigned Users

The Security Groups List

The Security Groups list displays the Security Groups that are configured for to the iSite License.  The list will display the following information:

  • Security Group Name
  • Description
  • Number of assigned Permissions
  • Number of assigned Users

How to Use the Security Groups List

  1. Click on the name of the Security Group in the list you would like to edit.

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